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Leaflet Lotteries To Look Out For! No. 4

  Non existent post-delivery checks   Leaflet distribution is a largely unsupervised occupation so it therefore vital that reliable and trustworthy delivery staff are being employed to carry out the deliveries. If your delivery company is serious about what it does, it will have this side of things covered. You can then be quite sure that your distribution is being…Continue Reading

Leaflet Lotteries To Look Out For! No. 3

  Unrealistic delivery times   Once you have your leaflets, the next priority, of course, is to to get them out as soon as possible.    At Drop 2 Door, we will always do our best to meet your deadlines although we will also advise on the most realistic timescale.   Unfortunately, you may also…Continue Reading

Leafleting Lotteries To Look Out For! No. 2

    Tracking Information       Even if your leaflet delivery is being shared with other leaflets, you should still know exactly when and where it is being carried out.    If you don't, you will be unable to make checks yourself to ensure that everything has been carried out in a legitimate manner.    If…Continue Reading

Newburgh Bear

I took this picture one day when we were delivering in Newburgh, Fife.   I originally thought it was an artistic bit of landscaping, or even a prank, but it turns out the history of the Newburgh Bear goes back quite a few hundred years:   The bear was cut onto Park hill, southeast of Lindores Abbey, not far from Newburgh.…Continue Reading


  This has nothing to do with leaflet delivery, although it is a phenomenon that has interested me for some time now, being as it is an extension of a less than endearing type of human behaviour.   What are Trolls? You may have always thought of Trolls as fictional characters who once gave the…Continue Reading

Name Change!

  I started delivering leaflets in 2006 as Distribution Unlimited, and over that time have gained a wealth of local knowledge and experience, not only in how to make sure every door is covered, but also in how to get your message through the most relevant doors. In 2014, to coincide with some restructuring and improvements…Continue Reading

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