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Leafleting lotteries to look out for! No. 1

1- Unbelievable Low Price









The price beater.


As with most things, you will normally get what you pay for and leaflet distribution is no different.


It takes us at least 8 hours to deliver to 1000 homes on average, and that's in high density housing areas. In other areas we can average 800 – 900 leaflets per day.


An adult worker (above 22 years of age) must therefore get paid at least £50 per 1000 to be above the minimum wage of £6.31 per hour (valid from Oct 2013).


If you are being charged less than around £50 + VAT for "solus" (i.e. only one leaflet) delivery that is undertaken by adult distributors it is likely that either you will be charged for too many leaflets, with the excess being dumped or, illegally low wages are being paid (the distributor is paid a small cash amount or is contracted as 'self-employed').


On top of that, the price still won’t include overheads such as transport and fuel.


Whilst low pay does not guarantee poor delivery in itself, it has to be remembered that leaflet distribution is unavoidably a largely unsupervised task. Consequently, if the correct staff aren't in place, the risks of poor delivery or no delivery at all increase significantly.


At Drop 2 Door we use only our own full time staff, who in turn draw on the benefits of experience and local knowledge to deliver all your leaflets accurately and efficiently where they are meant to go.


To find out more, or obtain a no obligation quote for your leaflet, flyer, brochure or newsletter campaign, please call me on 01382 339449, email me at, or visit our website at


Billy Shepherd

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