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About Drop 2 Door

Our company, Drop 2 Door, runs a full time team carrying out brochure, flyer, leaflet and pamphlet delivery in Dundee, Angus, Perth and Fife.

Billy Shepherd started the business in 2006 as Distribution Unlimited.

In October 2013 the name changed to
Drop 2 Door, we continue to provide leaflet,
flyer, brochure and magazine drops to the same high standards we have always done.

We are not limited by boundaries or postcodes, or volume or any other inconvenient rules.

Billy Shepherd

You choose where you want your material
delivered, right down to street level if you wish!


Don't waste your expensive marketing leaflets and flyers by delivering them to half a postcode you know just won't want your product.

We will stop delivering at boundaries you
choose – not us!

Why Choose Drop 2 Door?

Drop 2 Door only use uniformed, full time adult staff who are well trained and have good local knowledge.

However, is it really worth spending a bit extra for?  We believe it is, because it is the only way we can find of being sure the delivery
gets done properly. We've seen sloppy deliveries when we've been out and this is what you may find if you don't chose your delivery
company carefully. 

Problems What we have seen   Why Drop 2 Door are different
Disorganised teams

We’ve seen people who have clearly just been
dropped off in an area they are unfamiliar with and
are unsure what to do.

Unless you are prepared and organised in a way
that will help you cover as many houses as possible
in the time you have, the delivery can quickly
become inefficient and cost ineffective.

It follows therefore, that for this standard of
delivery to be profitable, it is highly unlikely that all
the houses you want to target will receive your

  All our staff are issued with route maps of their
area and are dropped off at strategic points.





The route they must follow is clearly explained to
them before they start.

Consequently, even if they go to a new area, they
will have all the information they need to deliver

Unfocused staff  We’ve seen delivery people who are obviously not
fit enough to cope with the physical demands of
the job.






This means that they may only last a few hours
before they get tired and unable to maintain the
pace required to deliver a cost effective amount of

We’ve also seen people wander about in pairs.
Whilst the delivery staff seemed to enjoy it, this is
really inefficient and something we would only
consider if we need to help a colleague get finished
at the end of the delivery.


Using full time staff, our teams build up the
required fitness to be able to deliver at a realistic
pace for long periods.

We work alone, delivering along individual routes
and consequently covering larger areas.


Poor quality delivery If someone else has been in an area before us,
we’ve come across items hanging out of the
letterbox or, worse still, only held in place by the
outer flap of the letterbox.






If the leaflet remains visible after delivery it tells
everyone passing by that you are probably not in. If
you are away for a few days or more, this can
become a security risk.

Even if you are in, the chances are you still won’t
know anything has been delivered so if it’s raining,
your leaflet is likely to be ruined before the
recipient will even notice it.

  All leaflets are pushed through letterboxes!
Untidy staff  We’ve never seen another delivery person, other
than the postman, dressed in branded workwear.







Most standards of dress range from relatively
acceptable casual clothes to downright scruffy! 

  The postman wears his company’s name for a
reason, and we believe that by having our own
uniforms it lets people know that we are
professional and understand what we are doing.


Backchecking can alleviate some of the issues and keep delivery staff on their toes. However, it's not nearly as effective as getting the
right people in the job in the first place.

If you decide that a leaflet campaign is something that will be useful for your business, we hope we've explained that there are factors
to be aware of that you may not have considered. Leaflet distribution is, almost by necessity, a relatively unsupervised task.

At Drop 2 Door, our clients enjoy the benefits of having their flyer deliveries carried out accurately, efficiently and professionally.

If you'd like to find out more, please call Billy Shepherd on 01382 330449, or email at

Hanlea Limited t/a Drop 2 Door
12 North Balmossie Street
Broughty Ferry

Tel No: 01382 339449

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