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Leaflet Pre Delivery

Planning Your Leaflet Delivery Campaign

So, you've just had some leaflets, flyers, newsletters, magazines, brochures,
booklets, pamphlets etc., printed and you're not sure what to do next.

The following questions are fairly routine and will help you plan your distribution campaign.  

How many items do you have? 

  • This is important as the priority is to use your flyers as effectively as possible.
  • The more you have, the more houses we'll be able to cover.

Who or what is your target market? 

  • Is it owner occupied households, local authority households, a mixture of both?
  • Is it retired people, young people, families?

We can help you with this, using our demographic targeting software. This can be almost crucial
to your delivery if you want your flyers to be used effectively and not delivered to people who
are least likely to be interested.

Where do you want your flyers to go?
This can be:-

  • General, such as Fife, Angus or West Lothian
  • More specific such as Dundee, Aberdeen, Perth, or Dunfermline
  • Quite precise such as Chapel Level, Kirkcaldy, Abercromby Drive, Bridge of Allan or North
    Deeside Road, Aberdeen.

When used alongside our demographic targeting software, this can make your flyer delivery
campaign even more effective.

For example, if you want to target a specific area because of its demographic, we can even
prioritise further within that area – e.g. we can miss out any flats we come across if you are a
gardener, or houses without garages if you are a garage conversion company.

When would you like your flyers to be delivered?

  • Is the delivery to be finished in advance of a time sensitive event such as a shop opening,
    a public meeting or the expiry of an offer?
  • Or, is it less time sensitive, i.e. the flyer isn't dated and can go out over a longer period (still
    subject to an agreed deadline of course).

With all this information I can then recommend where best to deliver your leaflets, flyers,
newsletters, magazines, brochures, booklets, pamphlets etc for maximum impact.

Prior to your campaign start date your leaflets should be delivered to our secure storage
area or alternatively we can uplift them for a small fee.

Once we’ve agreed when and where your campaign will start, and we’ve taken delivery of your
flyers, your delivery will start on the exact day chosen, or within a day or two of the agreed date.
This leeway is needed in case of wet weather disruption on the day, or on previous days that have
delayed the finish of earlier deliveries.

In addition, because we care about the impact of your printed marketing material we will suspend  the delivery in the event of very wet weather. You will have paid a significant sum to get
everything printed so it’s in nobody’s interests to deliver water damaged leaflets, flyers,
brochures or magazines through the letterboxes of your target audience.

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