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Leaflet Lotteries To Look Out For! No. 4


Non existent post-delivery checks


Leaflet distribution is a largely unsupervised occupation so it therefore vital that reliable and trustworthy delivery staff are being employed to carry out the deliveries. If your delivery company is serious about what it does, it will have this side of things covered. You can then be quite sure that your distribution is being done properly. 


If not, beware of some companies who promise to do large amounts of spot checks, either by knocking on doors or over the phone. The amount of time and money it takes to do this properly is very significant.


If your distribution company has not factored these costs into the price they are charging you it is very unlikely any checks will be carried out at all! It is therefore essential that you question your distribution company to find out exactly how they monitor their distributors.


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Billy Shepherd

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