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Leaflet Distribution Program

Prior to your campaign start date your leaflets should be delivered to our secure storage area
 or alternatively we can uplift them for a small fee.

In addition, because we care about the impact of your printed marketing material we will
suspend the delivery in the event of very wet weather.
 You will have paid a significant sum to
get everything printed so it's in nobody's interests to deliver water damaged leaflets, flyers,
brochures or magazines through the letterboxes of your target audience.

Once we've agreed when and where your campaign will start, and we've taken delivery of your
leaflets, your delivery will start on the exact day chosen, or within a day or two of the agreed
date. This leeway is needed in case of wet weather disruption on the day, or on previous days
that have delayed the finish of earlier deliveries.

Having a full time team is very important as it gives us a continuity and quality of service that
is very difficult to find in this industry.


When we start, our team leaves at 7:15am and travels together to the delivery area. On arrival
they take a detailed delivery specific map of the area and plan their route for the morning. They
then take an allocation of leaflets that will last them until lunchtime (or as much as it is
reasonable to carry for larger items) and start the delivery.

After a break for lunch, the morning routine is repeated and we continue the delivery until it is
time to return for close of business at 3:45pm.

Using a pedometer to measure steps taken, we have found that each delivery person walks an
average of around 18 miles per day. This demanding physical nature of the job is one of the
reasons why we only employ adult staff. Being full time, it also allows us to identify the most
reliable, honest and hard working people. This is extremely important as leaflet distribution, by
necessity, is a largely unsupervised occupation so having the right people in place to begin with
makes back checking and spot checks fairly routine tasks.

As a professional delivery company it is normal practice for our staff to adhere to our delivery
ethics when carrying out door to door distribution.  As part of this standard our staff follow these
basic rules of distribution:-

  • Use designated footpaths only and not cross gardens or climb over fences or walls
  • Gates are closed after delivery/or left in the manner that they are found
  • Copies are not left sticking out of the letter box
  • Copies are not left in a collective bundle, for example at a tenement block, but delivered to
    individual homes within a building
  • Copies are never left outside or at the foot of stairs/tenements/flats/apartment blocks
  • No copies are ever ‘dumped’ except in the proper manner and with the consent of the
  • Copies are not left with a resident to deliver to his/her neighbours
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