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Leaflet distribution – it’s easy peasy, isn’t it?




Leaflet distribution? It's not brain surgery or Rocket Science…..


Well, first of all, it's not an easy job. Our teams have to go out in all weathers, and deal with various hazards such as aggressive dogs, and even aggressive householders! Also, the combination of relatively unskilled people being asked to work largely unsupervised can be a toxic mix, and is one of the main hurdles to be overcome if you want your message to get through the doors of the people you need to talk to.


A proper leaflet drop also involves correct planning – you need a properly designed leaflet with a call to action, and ideally an offer, to entice a worthwhile response.


So, put some thought into what you want to say on your leaflet and enlist the help of a graphic designer and/or marketing expert. It will be worth your while.


Next, enlist the help of a company that you can rely on to not only deliver your leaflets to all the areas they say they are going to cover, but also to deliver to the the most suitable areas. There's no point in delivering to low income households if you are promoting high value goods, or delivering to flats if you are promoting gardening products and services, for example.


After that, you have to decide how you would like your leaflet to be delivered. Solus (your leaflet only), distribution, is the best way to get your message to the right people at a time that suits you. You choose exactly when and where your leaflet is delivered to minimise any competition for the householders attention.


Shared is the next best method, although be aware that sharing with more than 3 other leaflets will inevitably harm your response rates disproportionately to a solus or paired drop. The householder starts getting bombarded with information and your message may only get a cursory glance, or may even be ignored altogether.


At Drop2Door we specialise in low volume deliveries, designed to get the best possible response from your leaflet campaign for your business. You know that the Postman doesn't bring you mail everyday so if your leaflet is the only item going through a potential customer's door you are virtually guaranteed their attention. Then it is up to your well designed leaflet to get your message across.


For more information, or if you would like a quote, call me on 01382 339449, or email me at


Billy Shepherd

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