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A Healthy Life



The health benefits of walking for a living.


Physical Activity


The article above, in Which magazine, February 2014, pretty much underlines what we at Drop2Door have known for a long time.


Although we are out delivering leaflets, flyers and magazines in most weathers (we have to draw the line at heavy rain as much for preserving the leaflets as for our health!), we also enjoy the benefits of such an active working day.


Last year, over a period of a few months, I used a pedometer to measure how far we would walk. It turned out that we averaged around 18 miles per day! This wasn't a huge surprise to me as I had previously estimated a figure close to that based on the the speed we would walk at, and the time we would be out delivering. However, it was good to to formally measure this and produce some reasonably accurate figures.


18 miles a day translates into 90 miles a week, and over 360 miles a month!


The most immediate spin off from walking all day is a healthy appetite. I love my food and really enjoy it after a day delivering. I can also pretty much eat what I want without worrying too much about it!


Less obvious are the health benefits of being so active. Minor ailments such as coughs and colds are pretty rare when you enjoy this level of fitness.


In addition, one of the team, Bruce, has never enjoyed better health. As an asthmatic, he was almost guaranteed to lose a few days to ill health every Winter in his previous job because of the cold and damp. Since working for Drop2Door however, his general health has improved dramatically and he hasn't had any health related time off work since he joined us!


Bruce, unsurprisingly, really appreciates that his general fitness is far better now than it was when he started, and he acknowledges that it is a very tangible benefit of the type of work we do at Drop2Door.


Drop2Door is a professional, targeted leaflet distribution company, delivering leaflets, flyers, magazines, newsletters and brochures in East and Central Scotland from the Forth Valley up via Fife, Stirling, Perth, Dundee and Angus to Aberdeen.


To find out more, or to obtain a no obligation quote for your leaflet, flyer, brochure or newsletter campaign, please call me on 01382 339449, email me at, or visit our website at


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