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Costly misconceptions about leaflet distribution. No. 4


It doesn't matter where my leaflets go as long as they get delivered.




Of course, it does!


The vast majority of businesses will find that if they target their leaflets carefully the response rate will be significantly improved. 


It is therefore important to be very clear in your own mind who your target market is and plan to choose a distribution company who can be flexible enough to target this market for you. 


A good leaflet distribution company should also have considerable expertise in advising businesses on the best demographic areas to drop their leaflets. 


It is certainly also worth mentioning that if your distribution company is a local company with local knowledge you will hopefully get much better assistance and advice than if the head office is 200 miles away!


At Drop 2 Door we specialise in demographic targeting and it is actually very rare that we blanket whole postcode areas. The vast majority of our clients either want to reach a certain type of person, e.g. a homeowner in an owner occupied area or somone who lives within a specific distance from their business. Organising deliveries so that we target the people most likely to want to respond to a leaflet is actually quite routine for us, and our excellent local knowledge is invaluable when doing so.


To find out more, or to obtain a no obligation quote for your leaflet, flyer, brochure or newsletter campaign, please call me on 01382 339449, email me at, or visit our website at


Billy Shepherd



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