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Costly misconceptions about leaflet distribution No. 3


All leaflet distribution companies provide the same service


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Many businesses hold the misconception that all leaflet distribution companies essentially do the same job and therefore the best way to discriminate between them is to choose the company who offers the cheapest price.


The reality of leaflet distribution is that the quality of service between different distribution companies varies tremendously.  At one end of the spectrum you will find responsible, reliable and trustworthy companies who will provide an excellent service, and at the other end of the spectrum you will have companies whose only concern is to take your money and bin your flyers…


However cheap the latter distribution companies may seem, they clearly will never be a good investment!  Furthermore, beware of "national" leaflet distribution companies who outsource their work to smaller local companies (they often hide this in the small print of their terms and conditions!). 


The company you are dealing with directly may seem legitimate enough but can the same be said about the companies they are using to get your leaflets out? 


Make sure you question your leaflet distribution company carefully to find out who will actually be putting your leaflets out.


At Drop 2 Door we use only our own full time, trained adult staff to carry out each delivery. This on its own virtually guarantees accurate delivery. However, when you also consider that the familiarity of working with each other every day contributes to the teams almost becoming self policing, it then becomes routine that our deliveries are all done quickly, efficiently and accurately.


To find out more, or to obtain a no obligation quote for your leaflet, flyer, brochure or newsletter campaign, please call me on 01382 339449, email me at, or visit our website at


Billy Shepherd


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