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Leaflet Distribution – out and about in Winter.

  One of the best things about leaflet distribution is that you stumble across all sorts of things you wouldn't normally see, or necessarily seek out either.   Here's another selection of things that I found quite interesting:     This 'Green Goddess' has been repainted and is quite famous now, both locally in Dundee…Continue Reading

Delivering Leaflets to the Homes of Interesting People.

  One of the best parts of our job, when we're out and about, is delivering leaflets to the homes of interesting people. Here are a few:     Even if you've never heard of Dudley Watkins, you'll most likely be familiar with 'Oor Wullie' and 'The Broons'. This sign is on the outside of…Continue Reading

A Healthy Life

    The health benefits of walking for a living.     The article above, in Which magazine, February 2014, pretty much underlines what we at Drop2Door have known for a long time.   Although we are out delivering leaflets, flyers and magazines in most weathers (we have to draw the line at heavy rain…Continue Reading

Leaflet distribution – it’s easy peasy, isn’t it?

    Leaflet distribution? It's not brain surgery or Rocket Science…..   Well, first of all, it's not an easy job. Our teams have to go out in all weathers, and deal with various hazards such as aggressive dogs, and even aggressive householders! Also, the combination of relatively unskilled people being asked to work largely…Continue Reading

Costly misconceptions about leaflet distribution. No. 4

  It doesn't matter where my leaflets go as long as they get delivered.     Of course, it does!   The vast majority of businesses will find that if they target their leaflets carefully the response rate will be significantly improved.    It is therefore important to be very clear in your own mind…Continue Reading

Costly misconceptions about leaflet distribution No. 3

  All leaflet distribution companies provide the same service     Many businesses hold the misconception that all leaflet distribution companies essentially do the same job and therefore the best way to discriminate between them is to choose the company who offers the cheapest price.   The reality of leaflet distribution is that the quality…Continue Reading

Costly misconceptions about leaflet distribution No. 2

  Having your leaflets delivered with four or five other mail items saves money     Some distribution companies offer you a reduced price if they put your leaflet through with four or five other flyers (shared delivery).    Research has shown that, whilst the addition of one other flyer makes no real measurable difference to…Continue Reading

Costly misconceptions about leaflet distribution. No. 1

  Putting your leaflets inside a newspaper is cost-effective     Many entrepreneurs or business people new to leaflet distribution consider the possibility of distributing their leaflets inside a local newspaper or magazine.  This can at first seem attractive due to the cheaper distribution cost per thousand leaflets.    The reality however is that when…Continue Reading

Leaflet Lotteries To Look Out For! No. 5

  The postcode area scam   When a client contacts us, we invariably have to provide an accurate estimate of how many homes are in each "postcode zone" they want us to deliver to. To get this, we therefore usually start with data that is supplied by the Royal Mail.   However, postode areas cover every property, both rural and urban,…Continue Reading

Leaflet Lotteries To Look Out For! No. 4

  Non existent post-delivery checks   Leaflet distribution is a largely unsupervised occupation so it therefore vital that reliable and trustworthy delivery staff are being employed to carry out the deliveries. If your delivery company is serious about what it does, it will have this side of things covered. You can then be quite sure that your distribution is being…Continue Reading

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